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Almond Mocha Latte

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I don’t drink coffee very often but it’s not every day Princesses are born (Congratulations Duchess of Cambridge) and I waited long enough for a new series of ‘Silicon Valley’, so there you go, it’s my celebration day.

Why I love ‘Silicon Valley’ so much? Because it is divinely hilarious and quite intelligent. It’s got something that ‘Big Bang Theory’ is lacking for me. I never finished watching a single episode of Big Bang Theory, it got me annoyed and bored. It always felt like the show was made for the public to think they are more clever than they are, because they watch something about nerds. The viewer is not laughing with the geeks but at them, jokes are stereotypical. On the other hand in ‘Silicon Valley’ characters and situations seem more realistic and not geek offensive. I love when creators don’t treat their audience like idiots who can’t…

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Yellow Peanut Curry

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My dream about Valentino made me revisit some of my favourite fashion films.

And the winner definitely stays the same: ‘Diana Vreeland:The Eye Has To Travel’.



It’s an amazing documentary about an amazing woman. It’s very inspiring and makes you want to make an effort to express yourself better via clothes. The film is packed with beautiful photographs and Diana Vreeland is the most captivating person you can make a documentary about. My family was a bit like her mother in a way of telling me I was the ugliest child on Earth. It made her become a very strong individualist and see the importance of taking care of herself – with me it went sort of the other way. I became quite an individualist as well, but totally abandoned the other thing – the taking care of yourself and always being well put together part. Most days I don’t…

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Vegan Flapjacks

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Vegan flapjacks Vegan flapjacks

From time to time it’s good to have a flapjack and time off. When you have such a classic dessert like flapjack, you should also watch something you really like, possibly from the 80s.

I love Francis Ford Coppola’s films, but the one which is perfect with this kind of nibble is ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’.


I bet there are many people dreading their school reunion. And many might remember that one odd guy they would sleep with, if they went back to school years. Or if they went back, they would do everything differently. Well, maybe if you could time travel you could try to change things, but probably the only thing you could succeed in  is ‘to take better care of your teeth’.

The film is beautifully shot, dialogues are a perfection and the cast is star studded. I love the fact that Peggy’s younger sister…

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Rocket, goat cheese and fig salad

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For a week the weather has been really amazing. Autumn is my favorite part of the year anyway, but the beginning of the season is incredible. It is still warm, the leaves on the trees just started turning yellow and red, and you can detect that autumny smell in the air – decay and crispy, foggy morning smell. For some unknown reason to me, it makes me feel really optimistic and whole. It makes me want to dine outside in fading warmth of the sun. It also makes me think of my favorite French director – Eric Rohmer. Especially two of his films – A Tale of Autumn and The Green Ray. One reason is because there are so many beautiful scenes of people dining outside but also because of the atmosphere of his films.

Rohmer’s films make me feel really nostalgic. I became obsessed with his work as a…

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Jacked sweet potato and baked beans

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I haven’t posted anything for a while as I was extremely busy… As you can imagine, it was hectic…Absolutely mental. Comfort is what you need when you are off your feet. Comfort fo…

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Easy Stir Fry

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It’s getting colder. Misty…darker…the best time to watch old classics.

And there is nothing better on a cold dark evening like ‘Chinatown’…I mean ‘forget it Jake…It’s Chinatown.’



It’s a classic film noir film with the crispness of an early Polanski’s work. It’s beautifully shot and if you ever talked to anyone who worked with Polanski or read his book, you know why – he’s a bit of a control freak when it comes to framing his vision. It has to be exactly like he wanted and imagined to be. It might be frustrating for a cinematographer but after all, a good cinematographer knows how to leave their mark on someone’s vision in a subtle way…

Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway have never looked better. The way Dunaway’s face is lit makes her look almost ethereal. In his book ‘Roman’ Polanski mentioned that in one of the scenes Dunaways face was…

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Black Rice Porridge

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black rice porridge black rice porridge

I discovered my favorite breakfast and I feel like Will Farrel as Elf….

Whenever I have it I behave like that. Which makes me think, is it just me or does everyone play their own film in their head?

For example, whenever I’m choosing what to wear, in my head I play the scene from ‘American Gigolo’.

Or when I’m pleased I feel like saying ‘alright, alright’ alright’ Mathew Mcconaughey style.

Whenever I’m dancing, I’m John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’. People who went dancing with me know exactly what I’m saying, as I like my dance floor to be empty, that’s why usually I’m the first one on it and I come off as soon as it gets crowded.

Or whenever people try to interrupt my lunch break:

I could go on for ages, but let’s concentrate on my favorite breakfast for a moment.

It’s just…

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