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Calm the Spirit Tea

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calm the spirit tea

calm the spirit tea

I have had anger issues for quite a while. I didn’t used to. Then things happen in my life and I didn’t feel like I could deal with them at the time, so I never worked them out, just suppressed them. Many of us do.

But at some point if you bottle things up, they start to come to the surface at the most unexpected moments. I started having angry outbursts. I am quite temperamental anyway. But the anger was damaging my liver. If you know anything about Chinese medicine, you know that anger is an emotion connected with one organ – liver. And even in Western medicine it’s known that eyes are reflection of your liver’s health. People with liver problems have yellowish eyes, etc. I started having blood vessels bursting in my eyes. It was getting quite annoying, walking around, looking like a vampire with my red eyes.

My dearest friend started studying Chinese medicine, and when she visited me few years ago, she would always say whenever I got angry, ‘cool down, your liver is getting heated’. It was quite funny but you don’t really want to damage your health. So I started doing more yoga and drinking ‘Calm the Spirit Tea’.

After few weeks of drinking the tea people started commenting on my mood. I was bouncy and happy, which wasn’t the case for a long time. I was telling them that I’m drinking this healing tea, and some people started asking for the recipe.

I found it in a book recommended to me by the mentioned friend, ‘Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen’ by Yuan Wang, Warren Sheir and Mika Ono. According to Chinese medicine it treats restless organ disorder called zang zao, which includes emotional outbursts and distress. It is for anyone suffering from mild depression and emotional distress. I have to say, apart from helping me with my angry outbursts, I can clearly see the depression part being cured as well. My moods seem to be more leveled now, I am quite happy and optimistic. Maybe it is combination of tea, yoga and other things but it works.

The tea was developed by Zhang Zhong Jin (circa 150- 220 CE), one of the most famous physicians in Chinese history, and passed down through centuries. It is still used today and it’s nicknamed ‘Happy Tea’. I am a living example that it works, and even though I hate its sweet taste, I drink it every day.

My anger issues remind me of one film in particular – ‘The Other Guys’. It’s a film about two detectives – Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Walhberg).

Terry Hoitz has got serious anger issues and every time he gets angry I have to laugh, he reminds me of myself so much. So have some tea, keep calm and watch ‘The Other Guys’.

calm the spirit tea

calm the spirit tea

calm the spirit tea

calm the spirit tea

Calm The Spirit Tea

9 grams licorice root

1 tsp triticum (fu xiao mai)

10 Chinese red dates

2 1/2 cups of water

1. Combine everything in a small pot, bring to boil.

2. Lower the heat and simmer, partially covered, for 30 minutes. Strain out the herbs and serve.

I make sometimes big pot of tea and keep it in fridge.You can get tritictum in Chinese herb stores or the internet.



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People who cook always go on about precious memories of childhood food one of their family members cooked, how daddy or nanny taught them the importance of cooking and eating together, and they still remember the comfort food they produced, amazing dishes whipped up by brilliant but humble cooks in their family. Well, let me tell you, it was totally different in my family. My mother’s family – totally useless as cooks, who could survive on bread and butter, cooked once a week a terrible, terrible meal, usually some kind of meat piece with lots of brown sauce. Also, they were never bothered about eating together. That’s maybe why most of them were depressed and suicidal. My mother followed that path and couldn’t really cook, and because I never wanted to eat meat, was warning me that ‘one day I will regret it’. Probably because my mother wasn’t into cooking my sister at the age of 12 took over and started producing amazing dinners and cakes. Well, luckily for me and her we weren’t that genetically doomed because apparently my father’s family were gifted in that compartment. I can only presume it was genes, as my father divorced my mother when my sis and me were little and he strongly believed that he also divorced us. So, we were growing up never having any contact with him and as a result, couldn’t learn how to cook from him. That’s why I believe the love of cooking ( and the ability) was just passed to us genetically. My father, short time before he died, unexpectedly felt an urge to contact us. First he gave my sister a mandolin (that’s another thing I know about him- he played a few instruments). My sister refused to talk to him, he then decided to contact me and wanted to spend some time with me. I didn’t want to, as he was a stranger to me (I was 11 or 12 at the time) but as I was promised I could leave whenever I wanted to, I went to the village he lived in. There I tried his mother’s cooking everyone was raving about. It was simple and amazing, I wish they were as family dedicated as they were at baking, cooking, making pastries, wine, tinctures, you name it. But I ate, drunk, and got bored of strangers who were my family and demanded to be let to go home. One of the last things my father said to me was that I should start learning English because I might need it one day, which I ignored for another 16 years… Because my sister was such a domestic goddess I wasn’t really bothered about cooking. I got hooked properly after my son was born and I wanted him to eat healthy and get everything he needed, especially that it wasn’t his choice to be a vegetarian (yet). And that is how the story begins…

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  1. I could do with a drink of your tea, after the day I’ve had at work!


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